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Temporary Staffing for Financial Firms


Boston, MA

Company Overview

Based in Boston, with multiple locations across the United States, Veritude was founded in 1986 as the internal staffing resource for Fidelity Investments, a leading financial services provider. Veritude is dedicated to helping our potential candidates find challenging, rewarding job opportunities at one of the country’s top financial services firms.

Supporting all temporary positions from IT and Administrative to Professional and Call Center, Veritude recognizes that no job search is the same and that each individual candidate has different skills and career objectives. Knowing this, at Veritude we look beyond just your professional and technical skills, we also consider your personal strengths, goals and career ambitions enabling us to ensure a solid match for both you and our clients. Simply put, Veritude doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we take the time to understand what exactly you’re looking for, not only now, but as your career advances.

Hiring Locations

Veritude hires across the United States

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 Policy For Hiring Those With Felony Convictions

We received the following response from Veritude after contacting them regarding their hiring policies for those with felony convictions:

“Veritude candidates must pass the Fidelity Investments background check (criminal, employment, education, and often credit).

Items in these categories are assigned a point value, and each role we have for has a certain point threshold which cannot be exceeded. That being said, I believe most felonies would be assigned a point value that would exceed most of these hiring thresholds – making the candidate ineligible in the overwhelming number of cases.

Have They Hired Former Felons?

It is unlikely that Veritude has hired former felons in the past.

Specific Program For Hiring Former Felons

Veritude does not have a specific program for the hiring of those with felony convictions.

Who Makes Hiring Decisions

Hiring decisions are made by both the hiring manager of Veritude with input from their client companies. Company wide guidelines are also followed using the point system described above. Typically, the hiring manager is the final decision maker with Human Resources supporting the manager and ensuring that Federal, State, Local, and company policies are followed.

The Best Way To Secure A Position

Since Veritude does not have a specific program for hiring those with felony convictions the best way to secure employment is by employee referral. Finding someone who works for Veritude that can act as your reference is the best way to overcome the hurdle of having a felony conviction.

If you are unable to find a company referral the best way to apply would be online.

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