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Company Overview

Target Corporation is an American retailing company, founded in 1902. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, Walmart being the largest. The company is ranked 36th on the Fortune 500 as of 2013 and is a component of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. Its bullseye trademark is licensed to Wesfarmers, owners of the separate Target Australia chain, which is unrelated to Target Corporation.

The first Target store was opened in 1962 in Roseville, Minnesota. Target grew and eventually became the largest division of Dayton Hudson Corporation, culminating in the company being renamed as Target Corporation in August 2000. Target operates 1,916 stores in the United States; it began operations in Canada in March 2013 and operates 127 locations through its Canadian subsidiary.

Hiring Locations

Target has locations across the United States

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Hiring Website Link

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 Policy For Hiring Those With Felony Convictions

We received the following response after contacting them regarding their hiring policies for those with felony convictions:

“At Target, we are proud of our record on diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. As a leader in this area, we have played a role in helping remove barriers that individuals with criminal records face when seeking employment. We continuously strive to recruit talented and diverse team members, and we realize that one way of accomplishing this goal is to consider the impact of a person’s criminal record on their ability to seek employment.

As a result, in October 2013, Target announced plans to remove the previous conviction question from the initial employment application nationwide. This process was finalized in June 2014, and Target no longer gathers criminal history information from applicants until the interview process (or after conditional offer in locations where asking earlier is prohibited).

While removing the question from the initial employment application allows applicants to tell their story before a hiring decision is made, we believe that it is still important to consider a person’s criminal conviction history when making hiring decisions. Target’s background check process is carefully designed to ensure a safe and secure working and shopping environment for team members and guests, while treating all applicants fairly.

Our criminal background check process excludes only those applicants whose convictions could pose a significant risk to our guests, team members or property. This process considers, among other things, the age and type of conviction, the number of convictions the individual has on their record, whether the applicant completed their sentence without further violations, as well as the age of the applicant when the crime was committed. Target specifically informs applicants that they should not disclose arrests or any convictions which have been “expunged, annulled, sealed, statutorily eradicated, pardoned, or dismissed upon condition of probation.” Because of the nuances of the process, it is impossible for us to say whether a particular candidate’s criminal record would be disqualifying.

Have They Hired Former Felons?

Target did not confirm or deny that they have hired felons in the past. Target has been an advocate for helping former felons find employment after prison. It is therefore extremely likely that they have hired felons previously.

Specific Program For Hiring Former Felons

They do not have a specific program for the hiring of those with felony convictions.

Who Makes Hiring Decisions

Hiring decisions are made by the hiring managers with input from the corporate Human Resources team.

The Best Way To Secure A Position

Applying at your local Target location and convincing the management or local ownership to hire you is your best bet to secure a position.

Applying in person and explaining your conviction face-to-face generally is much better than simply filling out an application.

If you can get a referral from another employee at that location you will also be helping yourself out tremendously.

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