The Ultimate Guide To Finding Jobs That Hire Felons


Having trouble finding jobs that hire felons despite weeks and months of searching through classified ads and submitting applications? Tired of hearing NO over and over again? If this sounds all too familiar it might be time for you to approach your search for jobs that hire felons differently. It is time to learn from the experience of thousands of other seeking jobs for felons and save yourself time, effort, and frustration.

What you are about to read is a guide to finding jobs that hire felons. After years of experience working with and leading reentry and job readiness programs we have compiled a tremendous amount of useful information that we will be sharing with you. We know just how difficult it is to find jobs that hire felons, especially your first job out of prison, and want to give you the best shot possible at a new life.

We are not going to guarantee you immediate results from this guide. The quick and easy way is what got many felons in trouble in the first place. Anything worth having is worth working for and this is no different. However, we will guarantee that if you read this guide and follow our advice you will have a much better understanding of how the hiring process works on the outside and ultimately have much better results.

What you are about to read is long. There is a lot to learn when you need to overcome having a felony conviction on your record. As you are reading you might be tempted to stop and do something else. I would recommend that you resist this temptation. Every minute you spend reading this guide is money in your pocket. With the knowledge found here you will be able to find a job sooner and start earning an honest living. With the advice found below you will be able to better understand what employers are looking for to finally hear “You’re hired!” instead of “We will let you know”.

Finding good jobs that hire felons is a challenge but one that you can overcome. Putting a little work in at the beginning to read this guide and have a smart approach will pay off tremendously down the road.

Finding Jobs That Hire Felons

Here you will find a list of extensive articles covering the most important topics in the search for jobs that hire felons. Each article covers a vital part of the process and is full of extremely useful information for ex cons looking for jobs for felons.

How To Approach The Job Search For Felons

There are a few key actions that most successful felons take during their job search. This should be the first thing you read when starting your search for jobs that hire felons. If you follow these behaviors and work to keep this state of mind you will be starting off on the best path to success. Read more here.

The Best Strategy For How To Spend Your Time Finding Jobs That Hire Felons

As you assume the task of finding good jobs for felons you want to make sure you are spending your time wisely. Unlike in prison where you are counting down the days, on the outside every hour matters. Especially when you are recently paroled you are on a timer before you run out of money, favors, and options. This article go in-depth on how to best manage the time you spending finding jobs that hire felons. Read more here.

Finding Jobs For Ex Felons Through Networking

Networking is the absolute most effective method for finding jobs for ex felons. Between 40% and 80% of all jobs are filled through networking. Furthermore, that 40-80% of jobs filled from networking contains most of the most desired positions. As someone with a felony conviction, networking is even more important than for those with clean records. This article explains what networking is, why you should do it, and how to use it to find jobs that hire felons. Read more here.

Where To Network To Find Jobs That Hire Felons

Since hiring managers don’t often advertise that they are someone who hires felons you need to go out and find them! The best jobs and many of those that are open to felons are filled well before they are publicly advertised. These jobs are filled through existing professional and social networks. Find out some of the best places to network and find that job you are looking for here.

How To Open A Bank Account For Felons

Many employers no longer write checks or pay cash to their employees, they simply deposit their pay directly into their checking account. This is called Direct Deposit and has become very popular. One of the things you will want to have when applying for jobs is a bank account. This guide will go deep into why you need a bank account and what else you need to know to make a smart decision. Read more here.

Check back soon! New articles will be posted each week.

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